Sunday, December 24, 2006

How to make Aboriginal Art

How to make Aboriginal Art???
Today I have started to surf the net to get some inspiration from Aboriginal Artists. Found some really beautiful art works... then made up my own design and started to dott on the canvas.


Daise said...

hey hold on a minute. i may be a few years late but my sentiment is still relevant. you have no place attempting to replicate Aboriginal painting styles or to even word your description in that way. you are not Aboriginal. have you gained permission from the Aboriginal community where you live to paint these styles or stories? there is no comparison with Van Gough because his style is individual, Aboriginal stylings, themes and techniques belong to Aboriginal Elders as they are the custodians of their ancestors culture. as an artist, if you simply copied Van Gough you would be dismissed as a mere copycat. you don't simply decide to paint in my culture; what, when and how you paint is detirmined and controled by your Elders. the underpinning law of our culture is respect for your Elders and the culture which they are custodians of.

dale4tutor said...

Some resources on this earth are scarce, beauty created by the human spirit doesn't have to be. Let's encourage each other to create beauty in our own and each other's lives. Of course, we will respect the name "Aboriginal art" to refer to art originating from Aboriginal people born out of their unique culture. Let's just hope their great ideas will continue to inspire more art and beauty. "More Art! Less War!"


Melgmo Designs said...

I like how you were inspired and made it your own. As an artist, it is hard to find inspiration sometimes and when we finally are can take a life of our own. I am also inspired and will be making my own Aboriginal Inspired piece for my Art Exhibit. I am actually teaching an elementary art class and I would LOVE to teach them new ways to produce and create art.

The wonderful thing about Aboriginal Art is that is tells a story. ALL art tells a story. That is what this art lesson will teach them. "A picture paints a thousand words."

patrick walker said...

Thanks for sharing your reviews on how to make dotted painting. I am huge fan of Aboriginal Art and always collecting relevant information on it.